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CD-ROM is an ideal platform to market your services, add value to existing products, streamline document delivery, and improve communication with your clients, employees and affiliates. Through unified service offerings of consulting, creative design, multimedia development and disc duplication. Quip Digital provides faster development time and fewer headaches.

CD-ROM based digital media is an excellent way to showcase aspects of your product or service in ways not possible through traditional means. As press kits, direct mail pieces, and trade show giveaways, CD-ROMs allow you to present much more information to your clients, in a manner which is attractive, intuitive, and consistent with your brand image.

Compared to the web, CD-ROM eliminates download times, allows for greater design flexibility, and permits secure distribution of critical documents without fears of hacking or tampering. The compact size of a CD-ROM greatly simplifies the widespread circulation of documents compared to paper-based materials. Benefits to a digital solution include interactivity, use of varied media such as full-screen video, music, voice-overs and animation, faster revision cycles, and seamless Internet linking.

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